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Just like Github, you can search within a repository and the whole Github system, I would like to replace the default Q2A search feature with a more dynamic search tool.

When you are viewing a question, it is supposed that you have categoryid variable. All also, when you are viewing a category, or its question lists, you also have categoryid. I would like the search tool to have an additional option to search within this category.

In all other cases, the default search feature should prevail.

Isn't it possible?

Is there such a plugin out there?

Is there someone I can hire to develop this plugin?   (I gave up and use other alternatives)

Q2A version: 1.8.3-1.8.4
I'd expect it to be possible, and I'd be interested in a more feature-rich search plugin myself (search in categories, search in tags, combine search terms with logical operators). I guess I'll have to write this myself, but I don't know enough PHP yet, so it'll have to wait.
Have you seen Advanced search plugin by pupi?

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