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Hello. i will need some changes and small plugins. i want to Work with one friends for my solutions. Needs will be regularly. i will list with clearly explanation (images etc ).
Q2A version: 1.8
Would you mind sharing your plugin ideas with the community? Also you can find Q2A developers here: http://docs.question2answer.org/services
i wanted to write this question becouse when i checked plugin and themes many of them is not working and i am afraid for my database. why? cos i am building new site and we are creating a lof of post. so when i am in beginning i dont want to distroy database stracture. and i install domainname.com/test folder. i am trying there. beleive me many plugins and themes was not working properly. this is why i want to work with developer.

about my needs sure i will try to make list and write here.
Yes, there are some plugins that change the core's database structure. Of course, it is OK to create new tables but definitely not a good idea to modify the core's tables.

Have you tried reporting bugs to the plugin writers?

Bear in mind if you have a custom theme chances of plugin incompatibility are high and the database is only one aspect to take into account...

Please, share with us the feature/bug list once you have it. Thanks!

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I'm not sure who will have time to help on this, most of the developers are busy with their own work. It will be good idea if you need help for any theme or plugin then post here. I also test q2a plugins and themes. Do let me know if you need more info about any plugin/theme.
Hello, maybe yolu are right. İ will wait and i will test more themes and plugin. İ will write yolu when i need more information. Thank you ProThoughts
You are welcome! You can also join here https://meta.question2answer.info/ we test latest q2a version here.
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What type of plugin are you looking for? Please PM me your requirements and deadline. I may like to work on your project.