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Hello !
I need Q2A developer, who want to work with me on new plugins.
Today i really fast need some special ranking plugin, which could work like this:

1. FRONTEND - registration form + profile/details form / area:
- ability to choose for which "category" use want to collect points
There are 2 options for choices:
- ability to add from BACKEND categories and subcategories for collecting points (as superadministrator)
- showing for users SELECTED categories (with subcategories) as categories available for collecting points, which they can select

I don't know which option is better.

User can select "category" to collect points anytime.

- WIDGET: list TOP categories with amount of points and percentage of all (nice graph with percentage) and link for "details" - page described bottom .

How to shows data in widget: for example if one category has users with 6000 points and second 4000 points, there is 60,00% and 40,00% as correct var in ranking . I need too to give some TYPE of categories (now I have music, youtube, games, tv etc.) , available to watch on this widget .

- PAGE: all above +
Category + best user gained XXX points for this
and after click on category, I need to see all users which collect points for this category .

Important: We need to RESET rankings (without changing selected category for users) every MONTH OR WEEK (automatic or manual if it's hard to do) .

Of course POINTS is standard variable from Q2A , which is available in standard for Q2A - no "custom" here ;)

I have site on Q2A 1.7.4 with MANY custom changes, which You can see here: www.fandoms.pl .
If You want to do for me this job, please tell me what's Your offer.
I can pay by paypal / credit card.
I need this plugin A-S-A-P :)
Q2A version: 1.7.4. with custom changes

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