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I need developer for some custom work for my site on Q2A . I need developer for many works, for not a short time :-) I'm working on custom modified code , with many code hacks. Core is 1.7.4 version Q2A , all plugins from q2a working on my site naturally :-)

Here are changes, which I need - @q2apro.com - please, help :)
- change for "Best users from month" q2apro plugin - I need option to select WEEKLY rankings and standings, not monthly
- change for "quizx" q2apro plugin - I need to update standard points system with quizes
- change for "chat" q2apro and Scott plugin - I need to list users avatars (not handles only) on message lists

Also I need some other custom plugins - which can be sold of course for other users. I can be in this case something like sponsor (so I need good price:) ) :
- draft posts : abiity to post something as draft, to edit and publish it for moderators later
- planning posts : ability to post something on specific time/date , working with notifications pro plugin
- booking plugin: big plugin as deals on site - Someone want to bet some points for something , working like booking plugin for... phpbb forum :)
- expansion for  maybe q2apro.com quiz plugin but not as test for knowledge, but something like quiz "if he earn XX points, I can see result A, result B , result C etc. Standard results, based on author's offer
- subscribe button for something, as on facebook or youtube , with number of subscription
- abiity to sort comments by old/new/most votes (AJAX)
- filtering posts for each categories in moderate area
- preview post on site before publish
- poll plugin update with ability to add own type of answer by user in polls
- Update time updated when post is unhidden (after hidden)
- wheel of fortune game plugin - to win some great points (or lose it)
- verified users plugin
- events as new type of posts, with abiity to check it on calendar events

Finally, I need ANDROID / IOS application for my site.

Here You can find my site: www.fandoms.pl . It's big blog/points earning site based on q2a .
If anyone's interested to work with me, please send me a message or put some answer in this post ;-)

Q2A version: 1.7.4

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I'm already implementing some of those features as a developer on a personal project and I'm hoping to make them available as both free or paid plugins eventually but if you're offering financial support then I might consider working with you in parallel.
hello ! When You plan to release some of these plugins ? what's the time? few days? weeks? months? :)
I can't tell for sure since it's mostly a private hobby for now but to give you an idea it could take a month or two. I've already developed a quite decent poll system, that supports user-made suggestions, and hover cards(based on q2apro) that can work with any user link on the page while supporting lazy loading for zero performance overhead on the server.

Next I'll be working on a quiz system that can assign badges and I'll also be working on a group decision making system but I guess that won't interest you ;) However I could implement a few of those other functionalities you mentioned but, right now, it's not on my list of priorities.
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Really good news Ziad :)

Here is some update from me about new plugins, which I need from this time. Maybe You could make something form this list . I think I will pay You something for this to encourage You :) Maybe monthly, I need to think about it and discuss in our company :)
- About Quiz: I'm using now QUiz module from q2apro , it's working cool. But there's no possibility to make personality quizes, only trivias - with good or bad answer. I need module for personality quizes etc., with Result options to describe etc. , with Points offer of course (if You have this result, you earn X points) etc. This existing module is hard, with many steps to do - for example, only ONE question as post. Need to change this to make some list of questions in one post. Not only one.... ;)
- About chat: I'm using AdChat module. Working great :)
- draft posts: I'm using for this hide post feature. Working without problems ...more! I have some section with hidden post for each logged user :)
- planning posts: I REALLY NEED THIS PLUGIN. I can pay something as advance to make this possible as soon as possible :)
- booking plugin: It's my PRIORITAIRE now. I have very wide offer for gaining points on my site and this is heart of my site. I need this plugin. My users need to put bets for something , which could happen in future etc. They will bet some points in any offer (1:2, 1:4, 1:6, 2:3 etc.) and earning or losing huge amount of points everyday :) I need offer to make new bets by any user, same as bounties from point trade pro plugin . It's working great with BOOKIES mod for PHPBB2 forum (10? years ago... ;) ) and VBULETTIN forum (vBOOKIES mod). I need this feature and I can pay advance for this :)
- expansion for quiz module - I wrote about this above :)
- subscibe: I'm using for this favorite feature from q2a - working cool, but I think better will be to see button with count subscribers (as facebook linke) , not "heart" or "favorite" icon (as on my site) . I need also to show all subscribers for each user (from his profile etc.) , subcribers for category, tags etc. I have now only widgets, which show me some amount of people. I need special page to show ALL users depends on type of subscirption/favorite :)
- sorting comments would be cool too :)
- filtering posts for each categories in moderate area - it's really necessary for me . Advance possible :)
- preview posts - same as above. I need it .
- poll plugin - really cool, You wrote higher, that You have a plan to do this, so I'm waiting for sure ! :)
- wheel of fortune game plugin - to win some great points (or lose it)  - needed for me, because points for my site are VERY important and I need to throw many ability for gaining points on my site for my users :)
- verified users plugin - cool addition , but not on my prioritaire list :)
- events as new type of posts, with abiity to check it on calendar events  - really good plugin this should be. I have now standard type of posts, quiz type of posts and this should be next type of posts - events . With calendar for events, with ability to subscribe / favorite too, ability to make as "I will go there" etc. It would be great !

Here is something NEW , what I need now:

- Ability to make some quizes or posts available only for some type of users or some users (with handles list)
- New plugins for gaining points. Maybe some "games" for users, as wheel of fortune or bookies mod. I need more:)
- Maybe it's possible to use some ibpro arcade and more "games - flash, html5 etc." to use on q2a as plugin with custom pages, with ability for saving user points from games etc. ?

Group decision making system - can You more explain this ? :) It's something interesting, but I can't imagine this;)

That's quite a long list and it could take several months to implement depending on the quality of work expected. I could implement like half of them in a reasonable time but that's just a very rough estimate. Sometimes it can take weeks to get just one feature up and running without bugs which makes things quite unpredictable.

I'm also a 3D game developer btw, even though I haven't released anything commercial yet, but I can easily apply those skills for 2D as well. I can target about any platform you might want to support including HTML5 and even Facebook if you'd want to tap in users from there.

Oh, yeah the group decision making system is a long story and will certainly sound alien to you but well I can try to resume it here. I'm a huge supporter of the RBE(thevenusproject.com/resource-based-economy) which is an economic system meant to tackle most of the issues we're facing now as a society. Sounds quite fancy and overly futuristic I know but after years of research on that matter I'm 100% convinced it's the only safe and sustainable route humanity can take. The main issue however is that decisions made in it don't rely on a leader and but on volunteer experts relying solely on the scientific method coupled with a centralized software. I got involved in it as a volunteer and took it upon myself to work in that direction. So I've ended up with something that basically breaks down problems and solutions into their basic constituents so the experts can rate how beneficial they are on an individual level or overall. Those are then weighted and prioritized based on their ratings. The breaking down process is meant to help facilitate communication too by forcing users to "pre-digest" their ideas into a list of main points so we don't get too lost in each others ideas. I've seen too many meetings ending up into flaming wars this way ;)

My full name is Ziad Jeeroburkhan which I also use on Facebook and on Skype so feel free to add me there if you want to talk about your requirements in detail.