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This what I want to do

I want every registered member of the website to pay a monthly subscription fee for using the website.

There will be 2 kinds of users, registered users and premium users.

As part of the user registration process, users would choose between free membership and premium membership.
Free membership would mean they can ask a certain number of questions per month.
Once the question limit for a user is reached, they would have to upgrade to premium membership to ask more questions.

Now premium members who prefer to pay monthly will get notifications to renew their premium membership. Then they are to pay their subscription fee using a payment system that would be integrated via its API. It could just be a simple pay button which leads to a page where they select the payment method and just pay.

The bulk of the work therefore lies in ;

All users must provide their phone numbers during registrations

a) extending the current registration procedure to include the options for free and premium membership

b) adding a new user level called premium ( currently the user levels are registered, editor, moderator, admin and super admin, each user level has its specific privileges)

c) Once a user becomes a premium member, the next is how will they pay.

API for a payment gateway will be made available to the developer for integration

The payment system allows users to pay by entering their phone numbers.

This means q2a user registrations would include a phone number.

Already registered users would get notifications to complete their profile by providing their phone numbers.

Any takers?

The above scenario is basic idea ...

I hope I painted a clear enough picture.
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