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I plan to start working on Question2Answer 1.4 in March.

Please let me know the 5 most important improvements for you.

As in the past, your opinions will play a crucial role in determining what's implemented.

Thanks and I look forward to your feedback!

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So ~when you plan to finish 1.4 and what features you chosed ? :)
I have been working on a way to replace the vote functionality with the google +1 buttons. I think it would be an interesting feature for future versions.  I also believe that an html sitemap would be extremely helpful. Could be based on categories and sub categories. I believe it would help quite a bit from an seo standpoint.
I guess this thread is closed.  I really would love to see user groups.  users who can ask questions, and users who can answer them.  It would make it possible to create expert sites, where only registered experts are allowed to respond.

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Here is my top 5:

  1. "Report" buttom for spam and rules violation reporting.
  2. Question with no category selected automatically post in "Uncategorized" or "Other" category.
  3. Image uploading, more simple youtube video embeding
  4. add Update/renew button to renew question for example ones a day, so it can be seen on top of the questions as "updated" 'renewed 1 hour ago   by anonymous ' hope you unerstand :)
  5. Fallow tags
  6. Check for different users with same IP adress at admin section.
What exactly do you need subcategories for that you can't achieve with regular categories?

Unless you've got a REALLY large content/user base they would be redundant IMO. And once we've got subcategories someone will want to have 4-5 level deep nesting which will likely bloat the schema and slow user activity (having them choose the right sub/category every time)
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1. Points based permissions. This would curb malicious activity and cheating the system. At least have something to restrict rampant voting (as I described here)

2. Flagging/reporting system.

3. Closing/deleting questions and users. Closed questions should have a suffix, i.e.: [closed]

4. Time formatting. Allow us to choose what dates look like. I want to use timeago which brings me to..

5. jQuery.  Ajax updating, inline comments, posts, etc.. Popup UI dialogs, plugins which make the whole experience much more pleasant and interaction easier.

Excellent suggestions - almost exactly what I was going to post!
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5 active questions in index page.

User interface

1. Count Answers and Questions. Newest Answers and Questions.

2. You Answers. ---- All and Unanswered

3. Your Questions ---- All
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  1. A private messaging system, or a wall where people can post notes.
  2. Ability to rate users from 1 to 5 stars depending on the quality of the answer or question.
  3. Report as spam button.
  4. Point based permission system
  5. Ability for users to have signatures (like in a forum)
I second the:
- private messaging system
- signatures (I want to use this as a knowledge base and moderaters need to be identified as authorities
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1. Questions extra fields. My Q&A site requieres extra fields, e.g vehicle make, model and year.

2. Source of answer input box.

3. Report link on questions and answer.

4. Image uploading.

5. Comment count??
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Thanx for asking! :)

  1. upload manager for images (incl. upload from local path)
  2. fix inconsistency with "more word user names with spaces"
    Theses usernames are allowed - but lead e.g. to no results in Q2A search engine (this differs to one-word user names which may be confusing...).
    see link.... to Q2A question.
  3. if 2.) is fixed: Follow-function for users (could be by RSS-feed)
  4. "send to or invite friend" link or button to forward questions to others who can give answers or may be also interested in the topic
    (e.g. combined in the existing line of username + points)
  5. addition of tags by everyone who comments/answers
  6. one more? --> Display statistics on sidebar:
    1. most active users (not only overall but also daily, weekly, monthly)
      - motivation for new users - not only the "all time winners" :)
    2. most "popular" questions/answers (daily/weekly/monthly, etc)
      - by views? or by number of answers/comments? or...
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Top 5.

1. Subcategories (can be displayed on top after clicking categories. similar to google baraza http://www.google.com/baraza/en/label?lid=3d6f78abe7aef102  ).

2. Report as a SPAM/Flag for answer and question.

3. More interactive user page (example: http://www.quora.com/Kevin-Systrom  )

4. Better search.(now only QA are searched, add pages to search)

5. WYSIWYG editor to edit pages.

Other features you may consider...just thought of listing them now...

6. Wordpress plugin,

7. send a mail to all users, admin feature.

8. Google signup

9. Open external links in new tab

10. SEO focus for custom pages.

11. Gender profile field, radio button based.
Great, My vote is for Subcategories, Its very essential to organize the data.
My personal  vote is not for a gender profile field or to at least have it optional (and not as a radio-button). I am interested in using q2a for knowledge-sharing within the transgender community in Australia and having a gender profile field would be unsuited to this community.
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1. Non-unicode language support for links, tags and similars (for example : automatically convert from ı, ö, ü, ç to i, o, u, c)

2. More SEO

3. Wordpress Plugin

4. Image Upload

You'll have to explain, what do you mean by "more SEO"??
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First of all thanks for this great piece. Awesome work, with such a simple interface and elegant functionality.

If possible what I personally feel is making integrations with widely used CMSs (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc) for users to easily opt for Q2A. It can be done with Single Sign on with external User base. But majority of people would not like to get their hands dirty :P It will definetly help Q2A to be used by the masses.

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1. Google search integration

2. Image upload

3. Sub-category
What is the advantage of Google search? The site-search is pretty good already.
Sorry for not explaining why I mention about Google search.

My site provide Q&A about Japanese. As you known Jap sentence does not separate words like English or any other language. For example here are a jap sentence : この問題には、何よりも実状に促した対策が望まれる。

For that reason, user cannot search out this question if they use only keyword, for instance 問題. They must input exactly all words of the sentence.

So I'd like Q2A integrate Google search as an option for such a case like that.
BTW, I'm also waiting for WP plug-in, lol.
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My top 5:

1. An option to see questions by:

  1. Activity - recently asked questions (as it is now)
  2. By # of votes
  3. By # of answers
  4. By "hotness" - combination of the 1 + 2 + 3

    The bigger a Q2A site gets, the more questions "disappear", as newer questions added, regardless quality.

2. Google login

3. Points based permissions (even per tag) --> allowing moderators 

4. Handling image uploading

5. A nice touch: # of views for each question + sidebar stats (#of question, # of answers, % answered, # of users)

Thanks :)

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  1. Sort Quetions by  Most Voted | Most answered  |  Newest
  2. Sort Answers by Most Voted  |  Most favorited | Newest | Oldest
  3. Ability to upload image file ( max size in kb and width admin-configurable)
  4. Abuse report button
  5. Suggestion for this site itself - make it completely free of 3rd party buttons (not liked by all and forced upon to see without prior option) like facebook etc
  6. Integration module with Drupal