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You had asked a question seeking top priorities for 1.3/1.4 (http://www.question2answer.org/qa/2638/what-are-the-top-priorities-for-version-1-3-1-4), for which 13  users gave answer, including me. Among the 13 suggestions, kindly let us know what are the features you have chosen to implement in 1.3.

Thank you.

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Version 1.3 beta 1 has been released.

I've prioritized the features as below but I can't tell you exactly how far down the list I will get by the end of the month, when the first beta is scheduled for release:

  1. Basic plug-in architecture. Done.
  2. Integrate CKEditor WYSIWYG editor as a plug-in. Done.
  3. Show editing of posts in 'All Activity' and IP address pages. Done.
  4. Avatars (either by image upload or Gravatar). Done.
  5. Fix POST/page refresh issue. Done.
  6. Integrate external logins (starting with FB Connect). Done.
  7. User titles based on points. Done.
  8. Allow extra page types to be added via plug-ins. Done.
  9. Support Google Sitemap. Done.
  10. Custom profile fields. Done.

Please note that this list is approximate and there could be changes if it turns out that something will take a particularly long time to implement. Also there are a bunch of smaller things which I hope to do along the way.

I'm aware that badges are a common request but are not on the above list. I decided not to implement them in this version for a few reasons - sorry if that doesn't suit some people.

Perfect reslult... How can we upgrade now? :)
Done! Grate works and waiting to beta now.
Thanks for the beta release, its great news!
So when beta-2 or final version will be released ? :)