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Most of the priority features listed in version 1.4 seem to be finished (see below), however they are still not availab\le in the 1.4 develope preview.

so when will all these finished new features will become available for download ?


  1. New plugin module type: widget. For showing extra content on left or right - can be used to implement plugins for: ask box, popular tags in sidebar, etc...Done.
  2. New plugin module type: event. Allows implementation of plugins for posting to Twitter, sending extra email notifications, etc... Done.
  3. New plugin feature: theme modifier. Allows part of the theme class to be overridden without defining a separate theme. The theme modifiers from different plugins should (in most cases) play well together. Done.
  4. Image and document uploading in rich text editor. Done.
  5. 'Flag' button with option to hide automatically and/or notify admin after a post is flagged by a certain number of users. Done.
  6. Points-based permissions. Done.
  7. Ask question form becomes a single page.
  8. Show questions with most answers/votes/hotness. Done.
  9. Private messaging. Done.
  10. Subcategories (please comment if 2 levels are enough or if it has to go deeper than that, since that will affect implementation).
  11. Counting and showing question views.
  12. Out-of-the-box WordPress user database integration.


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They'll be released as part of the version 1.4 beta, scheduled for May. In the meantime, you can get your hands on the latest build here but please note that this is bleeding edge, completely unsupported, and may well contain serious bugs. For most users I recommend waiting for the beta.

is it same as the developer review version ?