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Please post your suggestions in answers to this question, or vote on other people's suggestions.
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1. Poll
2. If neccessary to enable reCAPTCHA on login page, comment pages after confirm, feedback page
3 . Subcategories
4 . Tag cloud in footer
5 . Facebook "I Like" plugin with some functions for position in site
I think that it needs a twitter auto-share feature
Is this the oldest post of this forum?
I suspect for some reason the pagination is not working correctly!
I mean I want to reach out to older posts, however this is the oldest page I could get to

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just my opinion...

1. e-mail validation for new users.
2. Ban users, Ban IP
3. Unanswered question tab
4. Physically delete question or answer - this will help to reduce database size.
5. Categories
6. Sitemap
7. BB code support to add images.
8. RSS feed
9. Admin ability to see edited answer or question - if old answer is modifed and put SPAM data by user then admin can track.
10. Ad management, ad after first question, ad at end of answers etc.  
11. User ranks - it can be derived from points
12. Avatar support.
13. Top contributors list in sidebar - optional feature
14. OpenID support
15. Facebook connect, Twitter connect
16. most popular questions in sidebar, may be top 10 or 5 - optional feature
17. Ask question box in sidebar - optional feature
18. Most popular tags in sidebar - optional feature
19. User personal message system
some more features...

1. Disable answers site, this will be useful during maintenance.
2. disable new user registration -  when high volume of accounts are created to SPAM the site.
3. bulk delete all comments/answers/questions from particular user.
4. show recently updated questions for answer/comment
below question...
one more feature but not high priority...

schedule questions for posting by editors or admin feature or special set of users.
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1. Email verification for new users. In some countries (Germany for example) it is against the law to register a user for a service without him having to first take action like clicking a link in a verification email. This also goes for "email me if my answer is selected or commented on". This would be very cool to implement cause as it is now, I don't think I'm safe using your script.

2. reCAPTCHA as you have it on your QA site here.

3. Complete deletion of questions/answers.

4. Another cool thing I would really find useful: Moderation of questions/answers. How about the admin/editor has to first approve questions before they appear?
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admin/moderator feature: close question for accepting new answers.

is it good idea to lock the question for accepting new answers after selection of best answer by user or moderator?
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One thing no one has said is the ability  to report abuse on a question. This gives the power to the community for removing a dumb or spam question or answer. I think the admin should be able to set the amount of abuse reports before the question is automatically removed/hidden.
yes, I agree with you. there should be a flag for users to report abuse and if 5 or more people report flag any question then it should go for moderation and hidden mode.

This will help to protect from SPAM and keep site clean.
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Voted up most of the above, but also:

1. New Responses Link - perhaps up by your account name, linking to summary of answers and comments posted in response to your questions or comments since last visit.
2. Extra plug for badges or medals system - it really encourages community participation, and avatars which do the same. I think bolstering any community-building/networking oriented features would be great.
3. Much more visible styles for adding answers, comments, etc., and include an 'add answer' link at the bottom of the thread. Maybe a whole new default style, as the current one is a bit icky and a bit mismatched (no offense intended, I think this project is great!).

4. Threaded comments.
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the stackoverflow.com way and the architecture
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my opinion:

1. Sort feature

 A. Question sort by votes, number of answers, number of comments
 B. Answer sort by votes, number of comments

2.Customizable point feature

 & Special point according to user by up and down.
 & Define item(name) and unit-value of point in administration menu.
 & Changable only super administrator (administrator?).

 If there is badge or position feature, do not need this ...?
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badge system
users can login with openid, facebook, wordpress...
VKontakte (clon facebook)
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Add Notification popup for all activity...like facebook :)
great idea :)
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I have many thoughts on this, but more to do with statistics.

It would be nice to implement stats modules, for at a glance analysis of members activity and points. Once such easy system to implement is HighCharts


We use them on our site, to interpret data for our users.

Another implementation I would like to see, is rss feeds and the ability to add rss feeds to a news ticker externally, one such system is the "bbc jquery news ticker" I have yet to figure it out supplying it with rss feeds, nonetheless it looks ideal for external feed applications.

As we use Q&A within our main site, we would like greater cross site interaction, and kudos for members.

This then harks back to stats and counters to add into users profiles, links and forum profiles. This we can do executing php, but really just sounding stuff out.

We have modded the Q&A now to suit our needs, will wait for next release.

Back on track, I would like to see jquery auto expandable textareas.
I would like to see, facebook integration.

I would also like to see a quiz widget, if at all possible.

Rate users, etc would be good.
Members online.
Member stats.

Above all we need categorys. Without a doubt for us this is one of the most useful features.
The ability to parse images using gd library would be useful.

Sitemap creation and submission via admin.
Robot tracking.

sheesh the list goes on, for now its one awesome piece of software.
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I request a feature when user is able to subscride to new questions (all questions or questions by category or by tag) into his mailbox.

That will be great!

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I know we now have the enhanced html editor for writing questions, but i would like to see the option to either have:

1. Simple Editor (just like now)
2. Html Editor (just like now ck editor)
3. New feature of Image upload , and have the image max width dimension so that it can be resized based on that option.

This would be a cool option because it would allow you to create a site where for example photographers can rate images from their work, and users can comment.  It wouldnt actually be questions and answers, but rate my work.

Maybe, also have the option to write text under the image uploaded as a two step process.