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Can you give a detailed response for:

What features does OSQA have that Question2Answer does not?

Does Question2Answer have any features that OSQA does not?
(ignoring the fact that one is PHP and the other is Python)

Based on the above, why would someone choose one over the other?


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there are many QA software's and everyone has some unique features and advantages.

Q2A is different from all of these,
it is simple, fast, robust, very user friendly and absolutely FREE!

the most important is Gideon is working hard to make it better every day by adding new features.

I hope these are good reasons to choose Q2A for your site.

btw, why OSQA is hosted on .net domain?
Why shouldn't it be hosted on a .net domain? It's not a company, and it's software for the internet, hence .net. The only other option would be .org perhaps.
agree with you but most popular is .org domain for open source.
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For starters, OSQA is written in Python (for Django platform) so straight away that probably locks out a lot of people since PHP/MySQL is the most common server setup. Both are open source.

Finally, OSQA is an *exact* clone of Stack Overflow which is not necessarily the best thing. Q2A is obviously inspired by SO but doesn't rip it off so blatantly. There will be some features in Q2A that SO/OSQA don't have (like categories, single sign-on, related questions and some good plugins).
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The features of OSQA is listed here: http://www.osqa.net/learn-more/
And the features of Q2A are listed on Q2A site. You can compare yourself.

While choosing any script, my primary consideration is the platform, withour comparing apples with oranges. OSQA is written in Python and is powered by the Django application framework, while Q2A is written in PHP and runs on Apache web server.
So, I looked for PHP scripts which work on Apache, and made an extensive search (for PHP based open source, free, questions and answers scripts). I could find only three:
1. Qanda: http://www.qandasystem.com/
2. Qwench: http://github.com/anantgarg/Qwench

You can compare the features of these three scripts yourself by visiting the respective websites.
Of the three scripts I could find:
a) Q2A has more features than the rest two
b) Q2A is most actively developed among the three- compare the release dates and the date of last commit!
c) Q2A has the best support system, if you need support, post it here, and you get an answer, mostly within a day.
So, as on date, Q2A is THE best- among the specialized open source PHP based .uestions and answers script, which works on apache using MySQL! Only after this research, I chose Q2A for my site!