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any plan to implement below feature?

Admin ability to see edited answer or question - if old answer is modified and put SPAM data by user then admin can track.

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It's an interesting idea, and can be added if there is sufficient demand. I'm not sure how much of a problem this will be in practice though, since it will require someone to make a question or answer, then come back (say) a couple of days later to modify it, when it's no longer recent. This is a lot of effort for a spammer.
This is very common problem on high traffic forums and guess thats reason vBulletin like forums implemented this feature.

I do manage couple of forums and people come after few days and modify urls in the answer to promote their products or sites etc.

such issues are very frustrating for admins and moderators :-(
Interesting - I wasn't aware of that. Your comment is noted.
Thanks! it must be some query like recent questions modified for comment/answer...right?
Yes, it's basically the same as the queries built by the functions qa_db_recent_qs_selectspec(), qa_db_recent_a_qs_selectspec() and qa_db_recent_c_qs_selectspec(), but with ORDER BY ^posts.updated rather than ^posts.created - to make this run well you should also add an index on (type, updated). You'd also need change other references to 'created' columns into 'updated' columns in those functions.