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Is it possible to integrate a shortend answer in the list of questions?
Example (the red answer (shortended) is what i asking for):
List of questions

I have found in qa-include/qa-app-format.php line 437 ($fields['who']=...), but don't know how to integrate my wish. Perhaps the best answer is showing.

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You need to implement a custom layer:


This is almost exactly what the mouseover-layer plugin does, except it puts the excerpt in the hovertext (<span title="[text]">).  The function there is:

        function q_list($q_list)
            if (count(@$q_list['qs']) && qa_opt('mouseover_content_on')) { // first check it is not an empty list and the feature is turned on
            //    Collect the question ids of all items in the question list (so we can do this in one DB query)
                foreach ($q_list['qs'] as $question)
            //    Retrieve the content for these questions from the database and put into an array
                $result=qa_db_query_sub('SELECT postid, BINARY content AS content, format FROM ^posts WHERE postid IN (#)', $postids);
                $postinfo=qa_db_read_all_assoc($result, 'postid');
            //    Get the regular expression fragment to use for blocked words and the maximum length of content to show
            //    Now add the popup to the title for each question
                foreach ($q_list['qs'] as $index => $question) {
                    $text=qa_viewer_text($thispost['content'], $thispost['format'], array('blockwordspreg' => $blockwordspreg));
                    $text=qa_shorten_string_line($text, $maxlength);
                    $q_list['qs'][$index]['title']='<SPAN TITLE="'.qa_html($text).'">'.@$question['title'].'</SPAN>';

            qa_html_theme_base::q_list($q_list); // call back through to the default function

So, instead of changing  $q_list['qs'][$index]['title'], just change something else.  Probably instead of q_list, try modifying q_item_main, removing the tags and meta, and adding your own $this->output.  Take a look at the mouseover plugin.

Thank your for your tip and your very fast response!

Hover tips are not shown on my hosted server and my own localhost too. All the external Q2A sites (perhaps 10), where i have visited, are not showing hover tips, except this Q2A home page!

Solution on scratch:
In qa-mouseover-layer.php is on line 56 $text allways empty. So i read the content with extra code. Its not fine, but functionally for the next hours.

I love Q2A!
It may be a compatibility issue with older versions... maybe Gideon can answer that, but it may also be that those sites just haven't enabled the mouseover layer plugin.  Here's one that has it activated:


using version 1.4.1

Are you using the latest version?