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This question is addressed to all q2a core developers and people, who can pull a request at the q2a github https://github.com/q2a/question2answer.


The mobbr team and I are paying at least 200 EUR for making the mobbr buttons available on the question list page(front page).

For further info read: https://ask.mobbr.com/209/how-to-setup-the-mobbr-buttons-like-on-this-page

If you also want that feature, be sure to upvote or pledge money once the task is created on mobbr.com.

Can you give me more info about mobbr.

What is mobbr and why you need the button on question list page.

I just need more info or maybe some examples

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Do you still need this plugin?
Sorry for the late response but its already fixed. You can check it out on ask.mobbr.com :) Are you available for similar work?