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Just from the logical point of view.

Isn't it clear that there are "0 answers" for each question that can be found in the unanswered list?

With v.1.6.3 the list looks like that:


Just my thoughts =)

Q2A version: 1.6.3
This is just because the system using the same loop everywhere for the list and so.

This is also quite user specific. Some would prefer to keep it some don't. It is very easy to hide the counter by updating respective method by checking template conditionally. Adding css rule display:none is even more simpler.

If it will remove from the core than it will be hard to display for those who want it. So my opinion to keep it as it is.
Yep, I know we can use CSS to hide them by targeting via the body page selector.

I just wanted to point out, that it should be core-CSS or core-PHP, whatsoever ;-)
Ah! This was just opinion :)

For CSS no need any update, since it has own class. Just need to target body(template) class and the counter element.

PHP is good option if needs to be available. Something like check-box in Viewing section.

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