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This theme has been discontinued! 
Check out these other themes: POLARIS / Aven / Frapuchino / Legacy.

Muffin Update 2.3

For those who already acquired Muffin theme, please check your inboxes and spam boxes. A copy of this new version has been sent to you.


  • Architecture of how Dark and Light theme schemes are handled, significantly redesigned.
  • Increased performance and smoothness when swapping themes and navigating through pages.
  • Some aesthetic updates.

YouTube Video

See live: Live Demo
Get muffin: Muffin Theme

You can now place texts and notifications for your community in "Custom HTML at top of every page" with style, using any of the classes below, depending on your necessities:


Your HTML code should look something like this:

<div class="muffin-top-note-purple">
    Your Note Goes Here

and it will output like this:

See live: Live Demo
Get muffin: Muffin Theme

closed with the note: This theme has been discontinued!
Nice work! I am looking closely at this sexy theme now
What a great job !
we can say that Muffin is now the best available theme for Q2A
I just hope you'll continue updating it in the long run

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Thanks a lot :) The skin choose button is under User Navigation - just got it now :) Theme looking fantastic now (y)

@gold Thanks. Will try it. On mobiyit works fine though.
@pupi Did you mean that this must have been a comment?
No, I meant that probably you might want to change the domain to csequestions instead of csedoubts
oh Thanks. But actually it is a dedicated subdomain for doubts :)
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As do the main theme dark?
The default theme is light. But you can change to your preferred color scheme on your user navigation options, or at the bottom of the website if you're not logged in.
want to the main theme was the dark
I've sent you a message @resident
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?Does it support right-to-left mode

Yes it does @omarbaradia . Since version 1.2 ( https://www.question2answer.org/qa/60242 )
Good,there is Arabic language ?
I can't read or speak Arabic language, but appears that someone posted a question in Arab a few hours ago, and it looks legit.
Check it out ( http://gdon.unaux.com/muffin/145 )
yes that me
No problem I can do a translation of the theme in Arabic after buying it
Is this allowed,Would you let me do that??
Oh, my bad. I only understood now what you were asking.
Yes, you can have whatever language for your Q2A platform, it will automatically translate.
Arabic is on the list of supported languages, already translated.
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Good theme, but:

Error with "mainEntity" field when testing Google Structured Data Testing Tool


And WARNINGS with "author" and "url" fields

Testing on demo http://gdon.unaux.com/muffin/7/planet-nine-does-exist-nasa-evidence-suggests

Thanks for noticing. Will check on it for the next theme update.
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Your theme is very cool. I'm using a plugins called "advanced tag descriptions" which is important to me.

Just wanna ask you if it works well with your theme.

Is your theme a one-year subscription or life-time one?
An email has been sent to you. Check your inbox
I haven't received yet. Who did you send your theme to?
Let's continue this discussion here - https://www.question2answer.org/qa/message/gold.developer
Overall, I'm pleased with your theme.
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The site identified a new problem with materials of the format "Convenience for mobile"

Viewport meta tag not set

Help please
Where is this error appearing? Do you have a link for your website for where this shows up?
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donut theme


It s with all posts where text formatted. If I change to normal it s ok. Can you resolve this please.

I use WYSIWYG Editor
edited by
I've checked your website. It appears your Editor outputs code differently.
While in Markdown Editor and other Editors the code is outputted like this:


Yours is just a raw <pre> without a <code> tag as a child element. To fix this problem just give the ability to scroll to the <pre> tag instead of <code> by default.

Open muffin theme folder, go to CSS > custom-styles.css and paste the following bit of code and save it.

pre {
    overflow: auto;

If you can't see the changes after completing the steps, open the file qa-theme.php
On line 54 - At the end of the link, change this link part.

change to

Adding this little version formula at the end, will notify your browser that there's a new version of this file and will force to clear website cache and update the modifications for everybody that previously visited your site.
Rather than scroll, CSS should do linebreak as done in Donut theme.
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There is an issue with Muffin theme on smaller screens. Sometimes the qa-sidepanel is coming above the qa-main (bad user experience) and sometimes below as expected. I'm not sure whats wrong here and how it can be fixed. This can be seen by reducing the window width at https://gateoverflow.in/questions

Yea, I did that first and couldn't replicate this. Only when refreshing the page the theme changes for mobile theme and DOM elements get rearranged accordingly.
Please see this link on mobile now. I have disabled aven theme for now. So it's all Muffin
Ahh I can see it now.
I don't know what's going on, but a lot of things are going on, on your site xD

I'm thinking somewhere around your code or your plugins, you're cloning and rewriting DOM parts. I can't tell which parts, but the rewriting probably starts around the element "qa-main-wrapper". Probably your <link> tags as well, that's where I think the problem is coming from. So the CSS styling computation when rendering gets "confused".

You have a "float: none!important;" property set to "qa-main" , which should resolve the problem, but somehow the site isn't even reading the !important statement as it should be. It's acting like a normal "float: none;" without the !important part, and it's acting like this rule wasn't even defined there. It's not reading it at all.

But if you inspect element and toggle the "float: none!important;" on and off. You'll see that the sidebar goes to where it's supposed be, as now is reading the property as it should be.

This issue doesn't happen on normal Muffin as you can see in demo site. The "!important" statement it's not even necessary there, because this rule, comes at the very bottom of the CSS stylesheet, to apply this only for smaller screens.


How to solve it?

Open Muffin theme, go to: CSS > custom-styles.css
and paste the following code:

    @media (max-width: 1050px) {
        .qa-sidepanel {
            display: table-footer-group;

Save it, and Re-upload file.

Thanks a lot, it works  AFAIK except for the custom home page there should not be any DOM rewrite done via plugins. That "important" was added by me but was not helping. I'll keep this issue in mind if something happens again.