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Hello everyone, here's a little last minute Christmas present! :D I've released a second beta for version 1.8 of Q2A. There are quite a few fixes so I thought it made sense to do another beta. If all goes well then the final release will come very soon in January.

The beta release is here

This includes the correct zip file, same as will be on the website when Gideon updates it (not expecting it soon of course, given it's the holiday season). In the future I'll be taking a little more control over the Q2A website and be able to fully release stuff myself in future.


  • Fixed errors with output buffering and gzip compression.
  • Fixed non-ANSI group-by queries in MySQL 5.7.
  • Fixed notices on PHP 7.2.
  • Fixed points recalculation when converting answers to comments.
  • Added generic `.qa-post-content` class to replace old `.entry-content` which was removed.
  • Fixed non-unique cache keys.
  • Reworked file cache to securely allow cache inside web root.
  • Fixed issue with PHPMailer's autoloader on PHP 7.2.
  • Removed (non-functional) clipboard from CKEditor.

And lastly, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone in the Q2A community! Here's to a productive 2018.

@poVoq before backup, take your site to maintenance mode then do rest.
Nice work Scott ! Thank you.   I have recently upgraded my site to PHP 7.1 and it fails. I moved to 1.8 beta 2 as well, some issue. I have captured the issue at http://www.question2answer.org/qa/61535/http-error-500-after-php-7-1-x-upgrade , would be great, if you can have a quick look and advise.
nice Scott! thanks for the release.
Thanks Scott. Eagerly waiting for stable release.

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Official release is now up on the Q2A website. Happy new year!
Thank you Scott and happy new year. :)

The first thing I see is the tag cloud widget which still doesn't work correctly. And still I think this works fine:
Why don't you try the above code?
Thanks Scott, Wish you a very happy new year!
Thank you Scott. You are doing an excellent and much appreciated job.