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I want to hear the plan of RC or STABLE release. Inaccurate information is OK. Please show the plan to us.

  1. Additional changes or features for RC (STABLE) version
  2. Do you have a plan to do compatibility testing with existing well-known (free) plugins?
    (This test will enhance the quality of the core)
  3. Planned release date
  4. Can we get the difference list of program with 1.6.3 from where?
    (Please tell us github URL)
Q2A version: 1.6.3

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  1. There are no more new features planned for the 1.7 release. As I mentioned in another question, betas are typically "feature complete". (The metadata changes in beta2 was a small exception, it was more of s change to the stuff introduced in beta1.) If there are bugs discovered, they'll be fixed of course.
  2. I haven't done any yet but this would be a good idea. If anyone else can help with this that would be great. Actually, a list of what you think are the most popular plugins would be very useful for future testing!
  3. If no issues are found then a release before Christmas is very likely (Gideon is away for some days so not sure exactly when).
  4. Do you mean a list of all the code changes? Not sure if this will be easily possible since there are a ton of formatting and structure changes. Probably the easiest method is to check out the code using Github for Windows/Mac and look at each commit.
Thanks Scott for your reply. I'll do my addon's compatibility test along its plan.

Since the configuration of the source was changed largely, certainly, it may be difficult to compare changes with Diff list.
All the changes and fixes are listed in the release notes on http://www.question2answer.org/versions.php
Is there a specific reason you need to look at all the code changes?
If the problem occurs when I check the compatibility of the plug-in, I thought detailed changes of the core is necessary in order to investigate it. Anyway, I will try to do it.