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I am running a q2a based webpage at matkafasi.com. The site is essentially composed of math and physics q&a (in Turkish) and recently I have added another category for computer science. The page is currently running a q2apro theme (by Kai Knack, who is no longer available for q2a development) with a few customizations. There are few things I would like to change, I have listed them below. Is there anyone around to undertake these tasks (or at least some of them, particularly #2)?

1) Visual changes: I want the page to look more like the current stackexchange.com web site. In particular, I do not want the questions and answers to appear in a frame in the full window (visit matkafasi.com to see what I mean). Moreover currently the blue area which contains some banner slogans is not customizable, I would like have this area to be customizable from the administration menu. I would like to be able to add some widgets to this area if I want to, or put a custom background picture etc. Moreover I would like users to be able to close that blue banner area, it is taking too much space.

2) Currently I am using a customized version of CKEditor (again by Kai Knack) which allows both mathjax rendering and also provides the users with a "live preview" window so that they can see how their latex code looks when rendered. This editor also has a tool (please make an account in the webpage to see what I mean) which allows users to display code snippets. However it does not have syntax highlighting and it does not allow inline code snippets. I would like to customize this editor further to enable syntax highlighting and inline code snippets. This is probably the most important part for me. Needless to say I do not want to lose any functionality that the current CKEditor has.

3) The webpage has 3 main categories, math, physics and computer science. These are currently all under the same page. If possible, I would like to have 3 buttons (say somewhere in the blue area) which would forward users to math, physics and computer science categories (all of these are represented as 2-3 categories themselves, like theoretical computer science and applied computer science).

4) Facebook login is currently not working. Facebook seems to have implemented some new policies about privacy etc, and it does not approve my app. I need this to be fixed.

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