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What about a plugin that will show the latest questions since the last login of a user ?

That would be nice. For example every time i login i could see a link with the text "15 NEW QUESTIONS SINCE YOUR LAST LOGIN" and after click on this link i can see only these questions.

Could anyone build this plugin?

What is your opinion?
Q2A version: 1.6.x

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I haven't logged in this site for weeks... (maybe months?). So this means I will have to logout and login again to see the message. I don't like that.

Not to mention that the message will display the amount of questions that have been posted in the last months... which are a lot and which I happen to have already read.

I think a different approach will have to be considered. Probably storing the date in which the Activity or Questions page have been last visited. This will not be 100% accurate as the fact that a user visits a page doesn't mean they have read all the questions displayed there but it is a start :)

FYI: Keeping track of each visited question per user is a no go as that will considerably decrease performance
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Because Q2A lacks features to give services for registered user, I think that it is a good idea.

However, in current Q2A, global information is given priority to over information about registered user. Probably, that navigation is placed near of "My account / My favorite / Wall / Recent activity / All questions / All answers / ???". In that case, this feature will not be used very much.

For example, I made dashboard plugin before. I am stopping development of this plugin. But, we may be able to make more personalized QA community by combining those features with this plugin.

This is my opinion.