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How about a plugin which will help to increase user engagement in your website

1. By sending relevant questions to your user to ask to answer
2. Schedule a series of important list of questions to be sent to the user after he registers (maybe once a week, twice a week)
3. Send daily/weekly/monthly newsletters

And all emails with good quality email templates.

Any thoughts?
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There are multiple email plugins each doing own work. I think the following is best for Q2A

  1. A single plugin with good and customizable email templates
  2. Newsletter, question/tag/category follow emails
  3. Unanswered questions being sent to experts for answering
  4. User can choose what emails he/she wants to receive and also at what frequency. 
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Hello @Ami

It is a way of thinking. but what I have observed is that they want a space where they do not bother email notifications, where they choose to answer and not. the menus are very clear and they will go to them according to their needs

for me it's not a good idea
I did not mean to spam your users.
If you are able to provide valuable info to your users, then they will be happy.

Many times I opened quora because I got something interesting in my email digest.
I mean precisely that you have a way of thinking, but not everyone thinks the same with emails. There are people that bother. But for everything there is something
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If someone answer a question then send email of unanswered related questions

Also there should be a option for requesting answers like quora.
there is a connector from@qa-themes ,called Ultimate Widgets - Reminder to choose best Answer. that may be what you are looking for for each user profile.http://www.question2answer.org/qa/58842/new-plugin-q2a-ultimate-widgets?show=58842#q58842
Of course I do not send it to the email but if it becomes very visible that you should give a better answer
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Plugins needed to increase user engagement

1) A follow follower plugin with email notification when someone is following

2) An option for the user to select what emails should he get at what frequency

3) Option to ask experts ( ie: users most answered in that specific category)

4) A referral plugin to attract new users. (referral reward system)