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I would like to develop a plugin that displays "Expert in: [TAGS]"

The plugin must therefore:

1. get the userid of recent user

2. go over all the ^posts and check where ^posts.userid==userid AND type==A (optional checking if best answer: selchildid!=NULL)

3. get the parentids of these answers (which are the questions), save them into an array

4. use this questions-array to go over the ^posts again (now analysing the questions) and collecting all tags

5. sorting all tags by number of occurrences

6. display top 10 tags in users profile

anyone? or me? ;)

I still didn't get your concept.. can you write some description about the plugin you are going to develop?
Never mind, I did the first alpha: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/23001/new-plugin-expert-by-tags-page-early-alpha ... it gives you the page described above for the specified user.

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