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I wonder that there us no plugin for database backup. This plugin is desperately needed by all the q2a users. Here are  the features for a good Database Backup plugin

  • The plugin should be able to perform scheduled database backup.
  • It should be able to analyze database to find out the peak hours and lazy hours of q2a website. Based on the analysis, the plugin should be able to decide which time to consider for automatic lazy backup.
  • It should provide rotational backup, which means that it should replace the older backups.The admin should be able to set how long the old backup will remain in the sever. This will ensure that  the old backup doesn't eat the server space.
  • Most important of all - the plugin should be able compress and email database backup to the specified admins email id. It should split the backup if its more than 5MB.
I think if it were desperately needed, someone would have made it by now.  mysql backups are pretty easy; I use cron for mine (backs up wordpress as well).

If you want a plugin made, no better way than to make it yourself :)

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