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I wondered why my question list stopped at 667 pages and did not display all questions.

Found the answer finally:

In qa-app-format.php the last page is determined with:

$lastpage=ceil(min($count, 1+QA_MAX_LIMIT_START)/$pagesize);

And in qa-config.php you find the constant:

define('QA_MAX_LIMIT_START', 19999);


In other words, q2a limits the list of questions to 19999 by default config.

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From qa-config.php:

QA_MAX_LIMIT_START is the maximum start parameter that can be requested, for paging through
    long lists of questions, etc... As the start parameter gets higher, queries tend to get
    slower, since MySQL must examine more information. Very high start numbers are usually only
    requested by search engine robots anyway.

Q2A version: 1.6.3
So if the default is set at 19999 why did yours stop at 667 ?
19999 questions / 30 qu. per page = 667 pages
Is there be a way to remove this limit? If there is a way then we should tell it to scott so that he can remove it in the new version.

define('QA_MAX_LIMIT_START', 19999);

define('QA_MAX_LIMIT_START', 100000);

that should be sufficient for most forums.
Set a limit QA_MAX_LIMIT_START of 500,000 but still more than 4000 pages does not show.

What to do?
The total number of questions and answers and comments are cached in qa_options table. They are refreshed with the posted timing.

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Oh, I see, so is there a max limit that it can go ?