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I'm trying to show avatar at question list page and when i var_dump post, there is no avatar index in an array, but when I go to single question view, everything is fine.

What am I doing wrong.

Also avatar() method works on single question page, but returns null on list page
Q2A version: 1.7
The title of your question states you want to show it in the question LIST. The content of your question states you want to show it in the question PAGE. Which one is it? A screenshot is always easier to understand
fixed it. Sorry about that. Anyway, it said later that there is no problem with single question layout

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So you want to display the avatar in question lists as it is in this site, right? If that is the case, then there is no need to code anything.

Navigate to admin/users and locate the Avatar size on question lists setting. Make sure it is set to 20 or whatever positive number makes sense to you. Obviously, make sure you allow your users to use avatars or gravatars :)

thanks for your answer, i appriciate it