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I feel that HTML4 of Q2A is old. I made plugin to replace qa-include/qa-theme-base.php. And, I included base theme of HTML5 in plugin.


This is experimental action.

Will developers knowing a lot about HTML5 check markup?

Development history:

  • [2014/07/14] V1.6: Recover senction tag to div tag for varidation error.
  • [2014/03/26] V1.5: Recover head_script() process for existing plugin compatibility.
  • [2014/02/19] V1.4: Recover head_script() function for existing plugin compatibility.
  • [2014/02/17] V1.3: Change span tag to div tag in several element.
  • [2014/02/17] V1.2: Change order of qa-main and qa-sidepanel tag, other....
  • [2014/02/16] V1.1: Support IE7/IE8
  • [2014/02/06] V1.0: First release

Best regards.

Q2A version: 1.6.3

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HTML5 in Q2A is a nice topic, but the problem is a little bigger than that.

The fact that Q2A generates page content and passes it to theme layer instead if letting theme generated the content add it's own markup really bothers me. this has many disadvantages, making an HTML5 theme, flexibility limitations, and compatibility problems between theme and plugin layers are among them.

to solve the problem I created my own Q2A bootstrap framework with html5. it is 100% compatible with other plugins, but it increases the Text to HTML rate which is undesirable.

I checked your plugin, I might be wrong but it doesn't seem to be compatible with advanced themes. am I wrong?

any way, your work is really predicated. I added a suggestion for Q2A's version 1.7 suggestion topic. the rest is up to Scott.

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Thank you QA-Themes for your response. I made this plugin experimentally, but this is originally the feature that should be equipped with by core. It is important that we can choose base theme to maintain the compatibility with existing plugin and theme. Base theme for Bootstrap may be developed (real, I am developing it). However, because CSS framework (include Bootstrap) insert the element for designs in HTML, CSS framework may not be appropriate for base theme. It is desirable for data and design(view) to separate if possible. But... If various CSS frameworks are equipped in core, The making of our theme will accelerate surely.
I agree, using a CSS framework such as Zurb foundation or bootstrap in core would make development much easier, but creating creative themes while core or theme-base layer is handling HTML output is still a challenge.
I hope I'm not unrealistic to hope that in next major versions we can have a big upgrade to make Q2A a more flexible cms, like wordpress.
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I got this error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class qa_html_theme_base


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I confirmed right movement in the state that performed clean install of V1.6.2 and V1.6.3. Probably it will be the problem that is inherent to your environment. It will be caused by the fact that the somewhere lower line in your Q2A source exists.

require_once QA_INCLUDE_DIR.'qa-theme-base.php';
Yes that was because of a plugin by a developer named sama55 :-p (and certainly a good plugin named feed-reader-pro).
How could I change this line in that plugin, to work with your code?
Oh, FRP free edition! Change line 7 of qa-frp-parser.php.

require_once QA_INCLUDE_DIR.'qa-theme-base.php';
require_once QA_PLUGIN_DIR.'base-theme-changer/qa-theme-base-html5.php';

In addtion, it may deal even to replace qa-include/qa-theme-base.php with symbolic link to qa-plugin/base-theme-changer/qa-theme-base-html5.php by using "ln" command of Unix. I do not try this method. How about ... ?
Why replace with symbolic link and not with qa-theme-base-html5.php file itself?