Welcome to the Question2Answer Q&A. There's also a demo if you just want to try it out.
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FlexArmor2 is the successor product of FlexArmor1. It is theme framework that have full compatibility with Bootswatch. It is not version up of FlexArmor1. The biggest feature, flexible customize performance, compatibility with plugins, max speed, and reliable support.

Bandle plugin (jQuery World Clock) NEW

Example of server time is here.

Combination example of FlexArmor2 (sandstone) + Question Data widget:
Your site will get closer to SNS.

Client (User) side design changer : Try it in demo site.

Editable Ajax User Card:

Benchmark (Snow vs FA2): FA2 is faster than Snow.

Benchmark (No plugin)

DEMO (Full plugin)

Online document


Q2A V1.6.3 OR V1.7 (2014/12/24 Updated)

Update history

  • 2015/05/20: Fixed bug (Avatar do not display in user list of Q2A V1.7.1)
  • 2015/02/14: Fixed bug (part_footer() of q_list_and_form()) for Q2A V1.7
  • 2014/12/24: FA2 (V1.1) is compatible with Q2A V1.6.3 and V1.7.
  • 2014/10/29: Add jQuery World Clock plugin
  • 2014/10/18: Compatibility with Question Data Widget (V1.2) is confirmed.
  • 2014/10/16: Shipment start
  • 2014/10/10: Complete online document. Add client (user) side design changer.
  • 2014/09/17: "Paper" and "Sandstone" theme added
  • 2014/08/20: Add "Editable Ajax User Card" feature.
  • 2014/08/18: Add automatic Minify feature. GTMetrix result was updated. FA2 became more faster.
  • 2014/08/15: Add HTML compress feature.
  • 2014/08/14: Add bech mark result (Snow vs FA2)
  • 2014/08/05: Demo site open
  • 2014/05: Start development

Greatness of Bootswatch:

Bootswatch is not a mere collection of bootstrap themes. Greatness of Bootswatch is BootSwatchr. Yes, you can create only one design without a large deal of effort. Refer also Customizing Bootstrap. Of course, you can customize with theme administration center. Examples are customized with only theme administration panel without changing any BootSwatch theme. User who is weak in CSS can customize it. In addition, users knowing a lot of Bootstrap may make original theme with BootSwatchr.

Example (Customized "slate"):

Example (Customized "cerulean"):

Example (Customized "superhero", Profile):

Example (Customized "superhero", Wall):

Example (Customized "default", Question page):

Reference: FlexArmor1

You'll get the ability to customize the infinite.

Q2A version: 1.6.3 / 1.7
Thank you many inquiries. There were many requests that I should prepare product which includes all ASKIVE plugins for professional users from several people. I think I would want to consider it at the time of sale of FlexArmor2.
Thank you.
I did not find anything about the price! Why dont you list the price here?! why all the hide and seek ?
Did you click top link ("Special sale on FlexArmor2 release anniversary!") on my question? This page is published.
yes thanks sama

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how we will buy it,i used to have account on your site but can not login
I tested registration of sites below. But, there was no problem. Does activation email for checking your email reach you?

ok password reset work finaly,you told new release will come out soon....could you tell me what link we can buy your new release and demo link ?
thank you
Ok. I confirmed your account in "demo site". First, I will announce FA2 release in ASKIVE (It's my site). Please register also in ASKIVE. There are a lot of professional friends like you who are waiting release of FA2.
yes trying my best
but always says
Please input the right address.