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If I want to access the Base URL of my Q&A site in my custom theme. How can this be done? For instance, if I the url of my Q2A site is www.mygoodqa.com then how do I get this value in the custom theme?

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Try $this->root_url or $this->rooturl in theme file This will give you theme file (directory) root URL

To get site root URL use qa_opt('site_url')

Thanks @jatin.soni. I have another question. SO can I use following code to get current question page URL?


Is there any other elegant way to get the current question page's full url?

Try with super global $_SERVER something like this
qa_opt('site_url') . $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; in most case it should work.
I was trying to avoid the request_uri as it would required to sanitise it before putting it to use. Anyways thanks again buddy!
Note that some users had problems as qa_opt('site_url') did not work for them. Probably they had set it incorrectly or changed later on. I came across this issue when getting "bug" reports from users for this plugin: https://github.com/q2apro/q2apro-on-site-notifications/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md