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Limit of Q2A core
htmLawed of Q2A supports only HTML4 (HTML5 is not supported). If you hope HTML5 Embedded content tag (e.g. video, audio, canvas, map area, etc), you will need to the next things.
  1. Change your theme from HTML4 to HTML5
  2. Replace core source related htmlLawed to new one *1
  3. Install my CKEditor4 plugin
  4. Go to "Admin" > "Plugins" > "CKEditor4" option
  5. Check "Enable htmLawed controler"
  6. Uncheck "Safe mode (Default is ON)"
  7. "Save changes"

*1 New htmLawed source

htmLawed 1.2.beta.6

Copy and paste program codes in qa-include/qa-htmLawed.php.

Demo on HTML5 theme


Lack matters

I have not found CKEditor plugin to correctly insert HTML5 tag. Please tell me if you find a good quality plugin.

Q2A version: 1.6.3, 1.7
Default Snow theme is HTML4?  To support HTML5, am I going to change to another theme?
It may also work in HTML4 theme. However, to use HTML5 tags in HTML4 document is not allowed in the DTD of HTML4. Try to check your Q2A version. V1.6.x theme is HTML4. V1.7-beta-2 is HTML5.

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