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I am creating a Q&A multisite and I would be very happy if there was an easy way to make a notification menu that advises the user when someone commented or answered his questions and questions he is participating. Is there a free/paid plugin for that functionallity just like the one in this picture? 

To be dependind just on receiving emails is very low profile and bad for moderators...


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Release time is not fixed, we are developing this feature as subset of ENP plugin. When we release it, "ENP" will turn into "NP"(Notification Pro).


Email Notification Pro

If your plugin gets to work like SO feature, you really should sell it on Q2A Market, it will worth it.
How about receiving updates notifications, is it a good idea ?
Just like in SO if we are online, a red ball pops in the notification bar with the number of new activities related to my user's data or my favorites. If I'm not online then I receive an email at the end of the day with updates. This keeps the mail server light. It would be great to have this in Q2A.
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That's right. I'm planning also bulk(summary) notice. But it will become after online notice.
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You can use User History Plugin. This is somthing like this you want !

It's nice but it is global, it shows all the recent events to all users from all users, not just the related to me, like my questions comments and answers or comments directed to me etc. just like SO
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Here you go, this is the new notification plugin (not for emails but on-site): http://www.question2answer.org/qa/33127/premium-notifications-facebook-stackoverflow-question2answer

  • easy to use for all your users
  • yellow notify bubble on top next to the username
  • notification box shows new events and also events of last 100 days (specify days in plugin options)
  • notifies on: incoming answer, incoming comment, best answers and upvotes
  • lightweight plugin that does not need any extra server resources
  • available languages: en, fr, de

Premium Plugin at: http://www.q2apro.com/plugins/on-site-notifications

Hope that helps,