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In most systems, users have a settings section to control what to be sent to their mails.

Q2A is the only exception, I know, that does not have this.

And this is the only CMS in the world as far as I know that requires a tick mark to send notifications when asking, answering, commenting.

It was planned for 1.7 and then 1.8 and now for 1.9. We are waiting for it about several years!


I don't believe. I have no trust.

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That's true. Well why not try it as an open source plugin. Anyone willing to contribute?
I've seen some Q2A sites do have homemade notification settings. So I don't think building a notification system is extremely hard.

With my bullshit knowledge, I think we can create a table to store user settings like question_notify, answer_notify, comment_notify...

The notify column in qa_posts becomes unnecessary.

Whether to send mails  or not can be done with event module by first checking at the notify table.

Finally, some housekeeping jobs like to create a button in the user profiles.

I believe someone like esqeudero can do it in 1 and 1/2 days.
Yes. I don't think it's extremely hard. Logic wise, we can do similar to what Facebook does. The only issue concerning me was we'll develop something and then it comes in core and then all effort is a waste.