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I've noticed that Q2A compresses custom avatar images when I upload them, and also makes them low quality.

How can I disable this process and keep the images in original and good quality?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Q2A version: 1.8.8

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It doesn't make them low quality. It resizes them for specific sections of the website, by adding a query string to the image URL. So when you stretch an image in one of these sections to make them bigger, they may look blurry.


How to change this value?

You can change image size values of individual sections such as: user profile page, top users page, questions, answers, comments, question lists, message lists.

Go to Admin > Users > scroll down to "Avatar size on" section.


PS: After updating image sizes on that section and there's still one specific user that their image still appears blurry, it's most likely they've uploaded a very small image, like 30x30 pixels , and now it's getting stretched to a bigger size.

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Thank you for your answer.
But I checked the avatar settings and I see a big difference between the original image (on the right side)

Have you tried setting the "Avatar size on User Profile Page" to 600/800 , for example?
Yes, but nothing happened, and the quality is very poor and blurry.
I set the "Maximum size for storing avatars:" to 600px, and that worked for me: https://prnt.sc/choBBlbYtAUs.

Thanks for your advice.