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After switching to an IIS Server unfortunately Q&A is not able to display avatars any more.

After a clean new installation of v.1.3.3 there is no default avatar - and I'm not able to upload any new avatars.

The table "qa_blobs" stays empty - and there is no error message at all.

Any hint is welcome...

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while digging deeper I've got the solution --
if anybody else stumbles into this problem sometime:

Unfortunately the parameter file_uploads in our php.ini file was set to off.

Even if the avatar pics are stored in the sql database the php file-upload must be set to on to enable the super-global variable $_FILE which is used to handle the file-select process for the avatar picture (in qa-page-account.php)

file_uploads = On
and of course the directory defined via "upload_tmp_dir" must exist :)