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At section, "Show default avatar" @ admin area, when uploading transparent default avatar, avatar messes up from normal to like this ava.png (40×35).

And i cannot find when this avat is stored ? 

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All avatars are stored as JPEGs, so I'm afraid transparency is not a possibility at the moment. The raw JPEG data is stored in the qa_blobs database table.

(Storing images as files on the server would mean that people installing Q2A would have to make a particular directory writable by the web server process, which is a step I am trying to avoid.)
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But .png is like standart for all internet graphics, maybe it's possible to add image by editing .css ? And why default avatar is not part of theme like cooments, tags... images ?

I think you should concentrate to more advanced users, not only those who doesn't know how to set permissions. Thanks ! :)