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I want to hide category question count from html not by display:none. please tell me how i do it.

Q2A version: Latest Version 1.85
If you are talking about the default Category widget, go to Admin> Layout > then remove the unwanted widget.

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I found the way how will anyone can do it ?

First of all open ---  format.php   file in /qa-include/app/format.php

then go to line 1368. and find....$showqcount

(return qa_category_navigation_sub($parentcategories, null, $selecteds, $pathprefix, $showqcount, $pathparams, $favoritemap);)

remove .... $showqcount

this will work 100%

This means changing a Q2A core file, which is not recommended, because the change will not survive a software update.
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If you think to remove question count numbers from category widget try to comment this line:

 'note' => $showqcount ? ('(' . qa_html(qa_format_number($category['qcount'], 0, true)) . ')') : null,

in /qa-include/app/format.php