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The title says it all. I'm trying to work on some community features right now. I'm handling a science Q&A, and i'd like besides every category, for instace chemistry or physics, to have an icon styled inline with it. Style is of little important, what I'm looking for is a way to associate an icon with each category. If this would be possible (i have minimal programming skills, but I can get my head around the code if someone hints to some solutions), then adding the same icon to each question belonging to that particular question would also be an awesome feature.


Anyone ever tried something like this?
Q2A version: latest
you should write some php code and add a new column on you MySQL.
Do you want?

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This is not so hard but if you want each category with different icon than you may have to set rule in css for each category.

From inspector find category class on <li> and use that class to add icon.

Usually it has prefix qa-nav-cat-yourcattitle. For instance you have physics than qa-nav-cat-physics
jatin.soni can you explain more? or add css example for insert a image for categories?