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I want to use html tag in answer.  But it shows just like normal text.

Such as bold tag is

<b>bold tag</b>

how can I fix this. Someone help me...

My site is https://www.ask-ans.com

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You seem to be using the Basic editor. Navigate to admin/posting. Make sure you have the WYSIWYG editor set in the "Default editor for answers" setting.

No,  I do not want to use the WYSIWYG editor. Without editor How can it be done ?
If you use plain text editor you cannot do it unless you modify the code to handle it.
How can I do it ?
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Then you have to download editor plugin....

I suggest you to search this ' q2a fast edit plugin' on google.. .

Then set the plugin on your file..
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Input text is cleaned up by the htmLawed module in any editor. This cleaning process is essential for sites where unspecified number of users write articles. However, this process is not necessary for trusted users such as super administrator. If you follow this theory, you will need to do two hacks.

First is to start Basic editor instead of WYSIWYG editor in the case of administrators.

Second is to disable the qa_sanitize_html () function in the case of administrators.

Reference: https://www.question2answer.org/qa/38943/