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hello every body,

i have a htm page with a form, how i can use this for login my user to system,

here type usename and password and login to question and answer, and go to user home page?

please help me,

form sample is:


<FORM method="post" action="./index.php?qa=login&amp;to=index.php">
<TABLE class="qa-form-tall-table">
    <TD class="qa-form-tall-label">email: </TD></TR>
    <TD class="qa-form-tall-data"><INPUT id="emailhandle" class="qa-form-tall-text"
      type="text" name="emailhandle"> </TD></TR>
    <TD class="qa-form-tall-label">password: </TD></TR>
    <TD class="qa-form-tall-data"><INPUT id="password" class="qa-form-tall-text"
      type="password" name="password">
      <DIV class="qa-form-tall-note"><A
      href="./index.php?qa=forgot">forget password ?
    <TD class="qa-form-tall-label"><INPUT class="qa-form-tall-checkbox" value="1"
      type="checkbox" name="remember">remember me</TD></TR>
    <TD class="qa-form-tall-buttons" colSpan="1"><INPUT class="qa-form-tall-button qa-form-tall-button-login" onmouseover="this.className='qa-form-tall-hover qa-form-tall-hover-login';" title="" onmouseout="this.className='qa-form-tall-button qa-form-tall-button-login';" value="login" type="submit">
    </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><INPUT value="1" type="hidden" name="dologin"> </FORM>

thx for answers

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