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Hello Everyone,

How to allow html codes in questions, answers and comments ?

I need it for personal use, because i am only one would be pasting html codes in questions, answers and comments.

How to remove html sanitize conditions and allow all html tags like iframe, embed, object, video, audio, link, img, css  etc.

Thanks for your help.
Q2A version: 1.7.5
Do you use HTML5 in addition to HTML4? Correspondence changes with that.
Hi sama55,

I want to embed documents, videos, audios, pdf, txt etc. in body of questions, answers, comments. Is there any way to disable html sanitize so i can use html tags as needed.

Currently it does not support, <video> , <audio> etc. tags. If we disable html sanitize i can embed any kind of html content.


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Disabling sanitization may cause fatal problems on your site.

Unfortunately, I think that HTML5 can not be handled by the current Q2A. Because htmLawed to sanitize input text is V1.2.4.1, it does not support HTML5. I recommend that you look for embedding methods in HTML4, not HTML5.
How can i use HTML tags? Please provide a exact solution