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Current logic for deleting a question works in a way that an administrator need to hide all answers and comments before he/she is allowed to delete the question. Is there any particular reason why the logic works this way?

It's a very common scenario that users want to delete a question completelly, both with answers and comments together, no matter whether they are hidden or not.

Am I missing something?
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Now there is a plugin for this:

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This answer is a point of view to why question shouldn't be deleted in one click.

1. Authors do not own questions.

Questions have all the effort the users put in order to make it interesting and constructive. Do you really want authors to be able to simply delete it? Think of the people who might do it just because they didn't like the most voted answer. For that reason I strongly believe that a question once asked in the site belongs to the community.

2. Undo button

The current system works as an undo button. Are you sure you want to delete the question? Otherwise, there's no easy way to fix the mistake.

Ronlaw, thank you for your comment. But I still think that administrators need this feature. What if spammers create 10 questions with 10 answers for each (or even more)? It means that administrators need to click approximately 100 times just to be able to delete 10 questions.
You can perform actions in bulk at their profiles. I'm not sure about erasing but hiding all posts from a specific user is very easy. Moreover, in case the spam is out of control you can also setup more strict rules under Spam tab in administration.
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as multi deleting i think we need to delete users from phpmyadmin tables