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confirmation email does not work. what should be done with this problem? mass mailing works but my website does not send confirmation email. I tried smtp but it doesn't work either.

I see many people ask about this problem.

could anyone help please?
Q2A version: 1.8
Any error in mail log?
are you using shared hosting, cloud server ?? if could sever, who configured?
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@arjunsuresh No there is not.
@ProThought I am using shared hosting for three years without problem. Also Webmail works but my website does not send confirmation email..
I recommend you to contact hosting provider, there is very less you can do from your side.

webmail is setup in a different way.

They might have disabled sending emails by php script on their server.

btw, who is hosting provider?
I asked them about sending email by php script and they created a page to send email by php in my web site, it works very well.
host provider: https://www.hetzner.com/
That is good you tried. can you PM me your site.

also make sure below option is not enabled
Send email via SMTP instead of local mail
please check the pm, thanks.

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You need to watch this video to fix this problem.