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Hi there,

Just installed the Question2Answer script. It is great - simple, fast and strong..

But I had a hard time to make the email notification work properly. Now I can receive the feedback, but besides this, email notification does not work.

For example, when a new user registe, the admin should receive an email but does not. Nothing happens when a new question or a new answer is posted...

Could anybody help me to find out what is the problem?

I created an test email account to see if it is my server's problem, and it works fine...

Thanks a lot.
I really wish this would be added. It would be great to send a confirmation message to new user that register.

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As the admin, Q2A doesn't currently email you when a new user registers, or a new answer or comment is posted (unless it's related to some content you added yourself). However there is an option for it to email you whenever there's a new question, in the 'Emails' section of the Admin panel.
Thanks, gidgreen!

Sorry, but I turned on the option to email myself whenever there is a new question and got nothing.

BTW, when I posted this question here, I believed I turned on the option to Email me if an answer is added. But I did not receive any notification...
Perhaps the emails are going into your spam folder? I'm pretty certain that notifications are at least working on this (meta) Q2A site, since I get them all the time, and have never heard another complaint about them.
Yes, you are right. It is in my spam folder. Sorry about that.

But still does not work on my site. Is it because my domain name is an add-on domain name?
I'm afraid I can't be sure. You'd have to ask your hosting provider about it.