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I have updated CKeditor in the WYSIWYG editor plugin with a new generated version of ckeditor and a new configuration file because I wanted to be able to inser code snippets as well.

Actually everything works fine but now I discovered, that image upload is not working any more. When I click on upload, a popup returns that says "Incorrect server response".

Does anyone know what I have to tweak in order to get it working? It seems it has nothing to do with one of those files:

  • skins directory
  • ckeditor.js
  • config.js
  • content.css
  • styles.css

I have to change override all of them to get ckeditor working again so they depend on each other...


I've tryed replacing ckEditor folder with the "standard" edition of ckEditor without any changes and the problem stays the same. So I guess it has something to do with how the filebrowserImageUploadUrl is set to ckEditor in qa-wysiwyg-editor.php

Q2A version: 1.8.0
I also got the same issue with ckeditor4.9 and hence reverted back to 4.6. But I havent tried 7 or 8.
What's the server response?
Is there a solution for "incorect server response"? Support Q&A may not be working ?

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Got it!

You have to add a setting:

config.filebrowserUploadMethod = 'form';

I just went through the settings and searched for thing introduced after 4.6 and came across this suspicious setting. And voila, the new version works! :)

Great work  :)
Thank you for meaningful information.
Which file should be modified to do this? Thank you
In which file this change need to take place?
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Upload image plugin seems to be enabled by default from V4.8.0.

I have not verified that. But, try to remove plugin in config.


thanks for the answer. No, that doesn't work. I also do not have any image upload plugin folder under plugins.
My problem was created by the plugin "blog". When I removed this plugin from the plugins everything works normally. Also, make sure that a plugin does not interfere with uploading images to the server.