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I have set max upload size is 8MB in ckeditor image upload feature. I have also enabled filesystem cache for 1 hour.

When I upload an image greater than 8MB while asking question then I get Javascript error that "maximum upload size is 8MB". All right till now!

The issue is that this error is also getting cached and it affects all the user on the q2a site. If users uploads an image lesser than 8MB size Even then they have the same Javascript error as "maximum upload size is 8MB" and the image is not getting uploaded.

Please help me how can I resolve this.

Thank you

Q2A version: 1.8.6
1. Are you 100% sure that if you disable the cache and test things again, it works as expected?
2. Can you link to those images? I want to replicate the issue on my end. Maybe if you could provide step by step instructions that would help a lot

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