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User Management Plugin allows you to brows a long list of users in client side which is much faster. you can search users or filter them. and you can perform actions such as blocking, or deleting users. it can also be used to send conformation email to users or to create new users very fast.

Q2A User Manager by Towhid

With an average PC and host I have loaded over 10000 users within a few seconds. but if number of your users is too high you can set a limit for users and load fewer users per page.


  • Fast and easy browser for users
  • Filter All/Active/Inactive users to be shown
  • Filter users by username, Email, confirmation, points, ...
  • Sort Users by point, questions, answers,...
  • Search for users
  • Add New Users
  • Delete users
  • Block Users
  • Send Confirmation Email

You can access plugin's source and its installation and detail notes on its Github Page, or Download Zip File.

This plugin is developed by Towhid from QA-Themes.com. We provide professional Q2A development and theme design.

Any chance this could be extended to allow user groups of some sort?
Great plugin @QA-Themes and it's good to see you back. :)
@Gurjyot Singh: thank you
@poVoq: it depends on how much this plugin is used and it's reputation.
Hi @QA-Themes tnks for your great work here!
Id like to ask if can you develop a plugin that users could block anothers from answering their questions, comment their answers, voting and sending mps.. I think that a lot of users want it!
Is it working with v1.8.6?
yes, it works with 1.8.6.  I would like to have an option to bulk remove inactive users with 0 contribution.
You could do that easily with a custom bulk deletion script. For an example see e.g. this answer of mine: https://www.question2answer.org/qa/95827#a95828 . The query gets a bit more complex, b/c you need to join users and posts table, but it's still pretty straightforward.
For unconfirmed users without any contribution deletion is easy. But what troubles me is we have around 140,000 users out of which 120,000 have confirmed email. But those who contributed are less than 20,000. Further we use q2a-network plugin and so need to consider network users too as qa_users table is shared among multiple network sites.
That complicates things. I have never used the q2-network plugin, so I can't tell you how to deal with that. However, the general approach should still remain the same: join users and posts table, filter for users whose post count is 0 and who either never logged in or last logged in $TIME ago, return the resulting user IDs, delete users with those IDs.
If you want to be on the safe side you could just report the to-be-deleted IDs in a first step and verify across your sites that none of them is an active user. Then delete them in a second step.
Thanks a lot Ansgar. I had done that a couple of years back and fortunately nothing really broke. I'm just double checking to ensure that everything is safe :)

Any updates coming to this plugin? I love the utility of it. I can't believe there is nothing in Q2A that allows any kind of user management.

I know it is not a priority around here, but the plugin is throwing a few errors.
For me, the plugin works in the latest Q2A version. Of course, it could still be improved and it is a very important plugin for me.

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This plugin is really awesome! easy to use, simple and effective. I added on demo site if someone want to try.


I also found few issues.

1. Once user is added using User Manager->Add new user, it is not showing message user created.

2. On SnowFlat below Add New user button looks fine but not on Snow theme. Blue text on green button.

3. What is the use of below form? it is not sending email to user after adding.

Could you please add bulk user adding/batch user addition features. similar to one in this plugin


You can see demo of this plugin on http://demo.question2answer.info/createnewusers


1) to send a notification message, you must fill the "Options for User Registration Tool" fields in plugins options. I've added default value to notification option fields.
2) fixed.
3) same as (1).
regarding the other plugin: q2aPro has already developed this feature, so it wouldn't be nice to use his work(and contributions) in my own project.
I entered text in that form but still not working. also after adding user it is not showing confirmation, could you please check again.
@QA-Themes, could you please look into two issues, 1 and 3. They are still not working. Issue 2, button is now replaced by link, i hope that is expected.

Thanks for this nice plugin!