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This theme has been discontinued! 
Check out these other themes: POLARIS / Aven / Frapuchino / Legacy.

Hi folks!

I'm here to announce that MUFFIN theme version 1.2 has now been released.

All the love and constructive feedback were kindly listened and put into work to perfec the theme.
It offers now a more friendly mobile experience, and supports Right-To-Left writing style.

Some of the major changes you'll see:

  • Question statistics style has changed on listing pages, it's now more compact, showing only its icons and full text when hovered
  • Mobile design improvements
  • There's now a Custom Styles CSS file for you to implement your own styles and color scheme styles, such as changing the TopBar color or other details.
  • Fixed Navigation Bar missing icons
  • Navigation sidebar now starts open in Desktops, instead of sliding in when the page has loaded
  • Badges plugin fixes and updates (this plugin will be available for download for free on my GitHub account of course )

And a few more other improvements here and there and some of them that you might or might not see as many were made on the backend. 

The "bad news" is, discount period has ended. Muffin theme is no longer in discount.
Well actually it's still gonna be with a 5€ discount for a short period of time (1 month) because of the "debugging period" in case there's any little bugs that might need to be fixed and the theme needs to be shipped again to the buyer.
So that's a courtesy to cover that inconvenience in case that happens, which I believe it won't be necessary.

The theme's current price is 25€ (debugging period price)
Live preview: Muffin Live Preview
Demo user: Taylor 
Password: 12345678

Get the theme here: Get Muffin

Mobile screenshot:

Front Page screenshot:

Right-To-Left screenshot:

closed with the note: This theme has been discontinued!
Thank you. I have send you the payment. Waiting to try the theme :)
With a small screen resolution - the drop-down menu on the left closes the content part.
How to add icons for additional links in the menu ?
How can I change the design of categories (the original looks bad) ?
Thank you.

1. This is a known issue and a fix will be implemented on the next theme update, meanwhile if you want to temporary fix this follow these steps: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/60490

2. In version 1.2 custom links already have a default icon. Although if you want to change this default icon, follow these steps: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/60242?show=60333#c60333

3. I will take a look on the categories' design when I get some time.
I'm using the first version of your theme because of more pleasant design. I added the code to the CSS, but the problem is not solved.
I like everything in design. Besides categories and drop-down menu (on the left) for not big screens. So I need fix it as soon as possible.

Perhaps I can reduce the width of this menu so that it does not cover the content part?

Thank you.

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Do customers get updates and support?
What about updates? Are future versions of Muffin Theme included?
Hi @Ronlaw . Yes, costumers do get updates and support, as this is one of them.
Every new updated version will be shipped and forward to the buyer's email inbox.
Thank you! I was concerned about buying for 1.8 beta then having to buy again for 1.8
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Really nice Theme, our site got a fresh view by applying the theme :)

While applying the theme, I got some issues though which are not the issue with the theme though. But some tips on solving them is appreciated. Main reason for the issues is the option for users to chose multiple themes.

1. In question lists the theme seems to display a part of question description too. But in our site we already has this working as part of a plugin -- what would be a good way to turn of this plugin but just for Muffin theme?

2. We use Q2A search (which has advanced search capabilities thanks to pupi's addon) as well as Google custom search. Due to this, Muffin theme's top part gets messed up -- other themes uses side bar for the search box and we have 2 search boxes. We need to remove one and make it a separate widget?

3. I see that the livepreview for CKEditor is implemented in the theme, If I need to call a function (to render Math) on change of this preview element is there any quick way?

The theme looks really fantastic :)
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Thank you for the love Arjun, I appreciate it ;)

Blindly answering this without seeing what's going on I would recommend the following quickest and straight to the point solutions:

1. Remove Muffin's responsible function to generate the question's description, by opening the  qa-theme.php  file with your preferred Markdown editor such as Notepad++, and search and erase the following bulk funcion:

// Add question short preview
public function q_list($q_list)
    // It will contain some code here

2. Hide the searchBar on Muffin theme by adding the following CSS line of code below, to Muffin's [custom-styles.css] file:

.header-navbar .qa-search {display: none !important;}

And have the searchBar on the sidebar as you will.

3. As I told you before, you'll have to call MathJax's function on keypress instead of change. Or as I also mentioned before, you can implement MathJax directly on your CKEditor.

Here's a version of CKEditor on my GitHub account with MathJax already included.

Note: I haven't fully tested this yet so create a backup/copy of the CKEditor plugin before pasting this new files. Or just extract the MathJax plugin from this version and make the necessary changes in yours.
This version is plain extracted from: http://ckeditor.com/builder
This is what your new CKEditor should look like: https://jsfiddle.net/1047zxny

Thank you for the answer.

1. Actually I would like to keep the Muffin version. Is there any variable which is set in the theme and which I can use in the plugin code to disable the plugin for Muffin alone?

2. Let me try :)

3. Actually I use a plugin of CKEditor -- but instead of Mathjax image, the editor outputs code like $x^2$. Now, when the page loads, MathJax render happens and this gets rendered to nice Mathematical expression. To make this work in the preview, I guess we need to call the Render function on key press.
I got point 1 fixed -- but moving the search to sidebar also required css change as Muffin theme is modifying the CSS to make it work on the navbar. There was a bug I noticed on the question lists when the list is longer than the side bar -- this caused footer to be slightly distorted. I'll update more on this.
This is an example page where the pagination list is overlapping with Footer block:
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I found one issue. If link or page is added at the "far end of tabs at top" then no icon is shown for it.

Also icon of Badges and Page1 looks like Exit icon. Show some diff icon for added pages/links. thanks!

Thank you @s , will check on that.

You can change the custom link's icon by adding the following CSS code to the custom-styles.css file on your Muffin theme:

    .qa-nav-main-item .qa-nav-main-link:before {
        content: "\E890";

Change the "content" information for whatever icon you want. You can see what icons you can use here: https://material.io/icons
Use the numerical version like the example above "\E890" for Internet Explorer browser compatibility.
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Wow ! This is a very very nice theme .

I will buy to use it on my new website : http://www.dondebate.com

Thanks .
Gracias @CIonutCosmin I'm glad you liked it :)
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MathJax is now working fine in the preview -- awesome work :)

Cool @arjunsuresh . I'm glad you made it through :)
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Overflow issue:

I have noticed the following overflow issues - large images causing problem on question and other posts. Large comments also not line breaking.

Also, the editor preview works only for Questions and not for Answers/comments?
Thank you, will work on that. The Editor preview is not supposed to work for comments, but for answers it should work just fine (http://gdon.unaux.com/muffin/35#anew)
Oh for some reason it is not working for answers for me. I'll check that. Why is it not enabled for comments? (for comments also I'm using CKEditor)
I fixed the issue. Also modified to make it work for comments as well as Editing. I guess this is important if the site has many editors.
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I would like to use https://imperavi.com/redactor/ instead of CKEditor with Muffin theme

Do you offer payed custom services to do it?

Unfortunately at the moment this is a no can do @rolo as I have my hands full with projects I'm working on.
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Hi. I bought the muffin theme and Im having trouble with small screens. As you can see in the image above, the questions title is cut.. it happens in demo too.

Another problem Im having with muffin theme: sometimes the sidebar is going under the content in small screens. Yeah, sometimes it happens dont know why too. This is an amazing theme and Id love to have this problems solved. Im using q2a 1.8 latest

agree with you. I also seen this issue.

I requested for non-minified version of css file but never got reply from this developer.
Hi prothoughts!

I copy this css (custom css) form a q2a website thats using muffin theme and solved the cut title problem: https://pastebin.com/cFpycMJf

But the problem with menu (that its going under the content in every page) is happening only in q2a latest version. I hope that the developer help us solve it.
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Hi @Lipsmega . The questions title are actually supposed to behave this way, as a one liner on lists for small screen devices . This is part of the Material Design guidelines. Although if you really want to change this, you can add the following bit of code to your custom-styles.css file situated on:

Muffin > css > custom-styles.css


@media (max-width: 630px){
    .qa-q-list-item .qa-q-item-title {
        max-height: 1.2rem;

Increase the value of the 'max-height' to make the rest of the title visible.

Regarding the second issue. I'll have to dig on that and add to the to-do list for the next update. Thank you for the feedback.

@ProThoughts I'm sorry if I didn't get back to you, email must've slipped by me, but there's a lot of people requesting the not-minified version of the CSS, so I'm aiming to add it on the next update.
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Is SCeditor compatible with this theme?  I see a few people mention bug issues with this theme, has most of the bugs been corrected?  No issues with QA 1.7.5?   Thanks.
It hasn't been tested but it should be fine. Although the live preview will not work. The live preview was designed to work with the CKEditor only.
Yes. most of the bugs were corrected in this version 1.2 but some minor ones are in wait to be fixed for the next update.
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Hi. I bought the muffin theme. Really nice template!! Thank you!

I have one consultation.
I'd like to display "best answer" or "latest answer" instead of "question detail" in qa-description column.

If you have a way of realizing it, please let me know.

Thank you in advance.
Hi Tallyho and thank you.

Unfortunately this is a feature that is not available on the theme, but honestly in my advice I don't think this would be a great idea because this might confuse your users with misinformation while navigation through your website, because the "question details" are suppose to forward a little bit of information about what's that link (Question Title) is all about, and doing that would be a little bit of misplaced information, equals to bad User Experience. That make sense?!
Thank you for your reply!

In general your idea is correct.
But I am using it to save questions and correct answers to Q2A.

Therefore, I believe that being able to confirm part of answers on the list screen will be very useful for users.
This is because the user will be able to determine whether the answer is useful for him or her before accessing the detail screen.

Would you advise about implementation methods?

Thank you in advance!!
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Is this theme perfectly functional for the latest version of Q2A?
Hi Warsong. Yes, most of the superficial little problems were already fixed on version 2.0:
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Just now I purchase the theme. It is a awesome.


But the facebook Login is not showing in the login Page.