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Hello gold.developer,

I purchased Muffin theme yesterday and would like to make below changes, could you please help.

1. Reduce size of vote box, it should reduce for desktop, mobile and tablet.

2. Change menu color

3. Change question font and its color

4. Increase sidebar width

5. Change background color of tags.

6. Change question description font and answer font.

7. How to change top login/register to default of q2a.

Once done, please let me know how to minify css file.

This issue is still present.

Q2A version: 1.8-beta1

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Hi @s a new version of the theme is already being developed focusing on a more mobile friendly layout. 

The Vote and Answer boxes width on Desktops were originally created with that specific width thinking on the future, so whether or not an item has too many votes, it all fits as the same size for all the list items.
Otherwise it would look shorter for ones and longer for others depending on the text and counter length. But this might also change and adapt this new concept of the mobile design, showing just the number and its icon in front.

Modifying theme styles

The font is Roboto, the font of Material Design. But if you really want, all of this can be changed, the font, the menu bar color and text color trough CSS, but as I said a new version is coming out soon so don't make any changes yet. Also because I'm thinking on a way for you to implement your custom styles without constantly overwriting them on each theme update.

Increasing sidebar width

Originally the focus here, was the main area size, to fit a Google Adsense ad banner of 728px, leaving the sidebar only for important information, without ads nor advertisement saturation for the user. But I understand people might wanna use both, the 720px main area and the 300px ad on the sidebar, so I will consider reshaping that.

Regarding the other question #

Yes, I'm aware of the missing icons, and will be implemented on this next update.

The answers alignment were purposely created with that alignment to highlight the main post (the question) as the main post of the "tree", this will be realigned as well.

This theme is a constant process of creating, bending and shaping things out to reach its best looks and feels, so everyday new ideas and concepts are being thought to make it better.

Thank you for your purchase and contribution to make it better.

@gold.developer, good to know you are working on more mobile/tablet friendly UI. Most of the site traffic now a days is from mobile devices. above Screenshot looks great! Give more space for question, answer on mobile interface.

For increasing Sidebar width has two reasons, one advertisement and other add related questions widget. those will look better on more width sidebar.

Also please consider reducing width of Menu bar on left side, this will make more space for question area and sidebar widget.

Send me theme once it is ready, will do more testing and update you. thanks again! it is beautiful theme.
@gold.developer, Is it possible for you to add answer count in related questions in sidebar widget, similar to stackoverflow, see below link.