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1. There is no icon shown if I add "All Activity" in menu. please add some default icon if any page is added to menu. thanks

2. Comments are not in one line, see other themes for ref.

Q2A version: v1.8 beta1

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Hello again @s ! This is not an issue!

Like I said before, Everything is placed the way it is for some reason behind it.
The vote statistics are purposely hidden on the widgets, either if it is on the sidebar, main area, or elsewhere, as those statistics are not relevant.

The only relevant statistics to be shown as a related question is, if the similar question was answered, or if the similar answered question has a good answer, meaning a "best answer" selected. Other than that are just miscellaneous.

That's why Stack Overflow has this procedure on the sidebar for some reason...

There's no purpose on showing how many votes the related question had, as they are useless information towards the main purpose, which is showing relevant similar questions that may be the same thing you're asking, and may have a good answer selected already.

Again, this can be easily modified to be showed through a few lines of CSS, as the next version is almost out with a custom CSS file for you to fully customize your theme for your needs.

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Understood your point, very thoughtful. Also good to know next version is coming with lots of features. Please keep them light and fast. when you are planning to release next version?
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I found one more issue, I do have related questions widget after all answers and it is not showing votes. see below screenshot.