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Hi, I'm currently making some plugins which are listed as follows:

1. AdChat - Displays an AJAX chat window for logged in users and adsense for logged out ones. Works in sidebar only and AJAX chat is a very stable chat and works well with lots of customization though is a bit bulky. It is not as clean as some of the JS chats on websites, but this is the best free chat option which I could find that can be hosted on our server.

2. Site-wide notifications - Allows a text area for admins/moderators to send out a message and this gets displayed as a notice to all users of the site - notice comes as that of the new badge one.

3. Previous - Next button is an already existing plugin for Q2A. Extending this to show Prev-Next button for same category.

4. Subject Experts - A widget in category page that lists the best performers for that Category. More options to follow.

5. Answer Hide option - Adds a user filed which allows users to hide all answers by default and only when they click "Show" answer is shown.

6. Better email - Needs suggestion here. I haven't really used the email feature of Q2A much. I would like to email subject experts if a question is posted and no answer for say 1 week. Also, reply via email to be implemented at last stage.
Q2A version: 1.7.4
Great... looking forward to seeing them all!
arjunsuresh, thanks for the plugins.

Simple Notice Plugin - Is it possible to use the plugin to send a notification to only one user?
It would be interesting to warn users about rule violations.

Subject Experts - You still want to make the plugin available?

Thanks for the plugins...
@arjunsuresh, nice list of plugins.

Better email - may be you can develop newsletter plugin, admin should be able to send update to everyone when required or can send list of good/interesting question to all users.

Subject Experts - may be you can extend this plugin to give special rank/designation to users. other than point based ranking.
Thank you.

Notice to Individual Users - yes, I'll add this.

Subject Experts - Actually is a bit tricky. I'm not able to get a good way to implement this yet :(

Better Email - Yes, I'll do that. But planning a better subscription page for users first.

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Realy cool ! Waiting for this ! :)
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Excellent, looking forward to the Subject Experts plugin especially