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Before , thanks a lot to Gidgreen and the great contributers : Scott, Noah, Kai, sama, jatin.soni...

1. Credit manager plugin

  adds a tab where you can see your score calculation history , something like that :

   Your Credit                                                               100

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2.Users mention 

  like in facebook or linkedin i can mention a user by the prefix @
  the user could be notified or simply creating a link to his profil




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Liked your second suggision and i was also about to suggest the same

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Nice suggestion. I think that No.1 suggestion is realized in "User history" plugin below.


We will add No.1 feature to also our "Notification Pro V1.1".

User history plugin is showing all events specified. It would be efficient to get have a separate "sum up table" which would require another plugin. I will think about it :)