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The list of questions shows the avatar who answered the question. I would prefer it always shows the avatar of the person who asked the question, even if the question was answered already.

Is there a way to change this, or can someone point me to the part of the code I may change?

Q2A version: 1.7

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Admin>> users>>avtar size in question list.

Change the value 0 px to 20px or 50px or any other value you want.
Hi. I already have this set to 20px but it shows the avatar of the person who answered the question. I want it to show the avatar who ASKED the question.

I want to show the person who asked the question, , even if the question was answered.

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Thank you for making me aware of your product. My question is for modification to question2answer,  however I will consider the option for a future installation.
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I agree with @Scott.  

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I just showed one example of modifications.
Hey Ami. You have done a lot of advertising about your paid plugin on this site.
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If you want to create a fork instead of contributing to Q2A itself that's fine, your decision. But promoting it here is a bit rude in my opinion.
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You need to write a advanced theme or you may need to make changes to the theme file you are currently using.

Please refer to this theme files for showing the avatar on the question list .


PS: I am not saying it is the best way , but this is one way. You may optimize the code where ever needed.